Good gals


In 2100, when humanity has abandoned the earth and most marine life has disappeared, a colony of creatures, extravagant in appearance, still thrives in the deepest abyss of the ocean. Deep, an adventurous dumbo octopus, lives there with his two best friends: Evo, a nerdy, clumsy lantern fish, and Alice, a neurotic deep-sea shrimp. When an earthquake destroys their home, the ancient protector of the abyss, The Kraken, sends Deep and his friends on a perilous journey to find the legendary Ark, a paradise of life where the last remaining creatures live in safety. Joined on their mission by Maura, a voracious moray eel, they travel to amazing places like the Titanic and the submerged city of New York.

They also face formidable enemies like the fierce Vampire Octopus, the cunning Chef Crabs, the insatiable Zombie Fish and the largest creature in the ocean: Nathan, the legendary Leviathan, aka Moby Dick. After many adventures they find The Ark in the Arctic Circle, only to discover that the place is actually an abandoned spaceship, where thousands of creatures are held prisoner at the whim of Luigi the walrus, Darcy the penguin and Ralph, a dolphin of very limited intelligence.

Will Deep and his friends manage to defeat their enemies and help bring back the oceans to their former splendour?


Directed by Julio Soto

Produced by Adriana Malfatti, Jorge Bazaco