5 October 2018

Traveling with Adele as pre-opening of Rome Film Fest 2018

"Traveling with Adele" by Alessandro Capitani will premiere on 17th October at Casa del Cinema in Rome, as pre-opening of the thirteenth Rome Film Fest.

7 October 9 pm | Casa del Cinema

by Alessandro Capitani
Cast: Alessandro Haber, Sara Serraiocco, Isabella Ferrari, Patrice Leconte, Anna Ferruzzo, Elena Cantarone, Achille Missiroli

What happens when Aldo Leoni, famous theater actor, hypochondriac and extreme egotist, discovers that he has a thirty year old daughter, who also has a few loose screws in her head?
Will he allow her into his life or will he be his usual misanthropic self? Two strangers, worlds apart, yet so similar in their respective solitudes, in a road movie more metaphorical than real, in which one will learn to know the other.