SCOSSA (Earthquake)

A Small Southern Enterprise

Where lightnings strike


Costantino, an ex-priest, is confined by his mother Stella to an old and abandoned lighthouse in order to keep his defrocking far from prying eyes. In fact Mom Stella already has another scandal to face: her daughter Rosa Maria broke up with her husband Arturo and ran away with a mysterious lover. The old and abandoned lighthouse, which belongs to the family, instead of providing Costantino’s isolation, suddenly begins to attract bizarre characters, becoming soon a refugium peccatorum. After the ex-priest, also Magnolia, an ex-prostitute, will come to the lighthouse, then the cheted-onArturo and finally an unconventional enterprise called to repair the roof. A comedy made of misunderstandings and twists, able to captivate the audience. A miracle happens in the small southern enterprise: the restoration of a building can become the beginning of a deeper interior “restoration”.


Screenplay: Valter Lupo e Rocco Papaleo

Directed by: Rocco Papaleo

Production: Isabella Cocuzza e Arturo Paglia per Paco Cinematografica

Distributor: Warner Bros Italy

Release Date: 17 October 2013

Artistic Cast:

Riccardo Scamarcio
Barbora Bobulova
Rocco Papaleo
Sarah Felberbaum
Claudia Potenza
Giovanni Esposito
Mela Esposito
Giampiero Schiano
Giuliana Loiodice and Giorgio Colangeli

Technical Cast:

Line Producer: Massimo Monachini
Director of Photography: Fabio Zamarion
Art Director: Sonia Peng ed Elio Maiello
Costume Designer: Claudio Cordaro
Editor: Christian Lombardi
Sound Designer: Francesco Liotard
Head Make-up artist: Francesco Nardi