Where lightnings strike


CARMEN by Piazza Vittorio Orchestra


Two kids, just barely sixteen years old, Joao and Vandinha. They have a baby boy and she’s already expecting a second child. Joao is not a delinquent, but a kid who is constantly looking for any form of gainful employment. Every now and then, he sells his body or robs a tourist in the city’s gay circuit. Like many others, he does his best to stay afloat, but without resorting to murder or behaving like a desperado. One day Joao won’t come back from the work at the construction site.  He disappears. Vandinha seeks after him in the favelas of Bahia.


Written and directed by Aurelio Grimaldi

Produced byIsabella Cocuzza Arturo Paglia Alberto Iannuzzi


Artistic Cast:

Paulo Sergio

Jessica Duarte

Lúcio Lima

Luis Miranda

Lina Sastri

Technical Cast:

Director of Photography Alberto Iannuzzi

Music by Marco Werba – Published by Warner Chappell Music Italiana 

Director of Photography Alberto Iannuzzi

Production Designer Carol Tanajura

Editor Giuseppe Pagano

Sound Mixer Ana Luiza Penna