Good gals


The Magic Flute at Piazza Vittorio


A young university student spends her free time working as stuntwoman for cinema and television. Her specialties are action scenes, stunts fraught with suspense, perilous situations that in fiction stories fatally end with the death of her double. It could sound like a mania driven by the passion for risk. Actually it is an obsession through which the athletic girl flatters herself that she can sublimate a terrible guilt: feeling responsible for the tragic death of her big love. A grief never healed. An outstanding issue. A shadow that no light will never dissolve. Her professor of astrophysics will help her to regain the existential stability she had lost.


Written and Directed by: Giuseppe Tornatore – Acadamy Award Winner for Bes Foreign Language Film (Cinema Paradiso)

Production: Isabella Cocuzza Arturo Paglia and Rai Cinema 

Distributor: 01 Distribution 

Domestic Release Date: 14 January 2016

International Sales Agent: Umedia


Artistic Cast:

Jeremy Irons

Olga Kurylenko

Technical Cast:

Director of Photography: Fabio Zamarion

Soundtrack :Ennio Morricone, Nominee for Academy Awards (“Malena”, “Bugsy”, “The Untouchebles”,”Mission”, “Days of Heaven”)

Costume Designer: Gemma Mascagni

Art Director: Maurizio Sabatini

Editor: Massimo Quaglia

Executive Producer: Marco Patrizi

Line Producer: Guido De Laurentiis