I can't stop

Unit 22

Lettere dalla Sicilia


On 2005 Laura Marotti has a nevrotic normal life. But her big brother Valerio comes back from her past. He is a schizophrenic man, buried alive in a private clinic. Valerio escapes from the clinic and goes to die in the Unit 22 of the clinic where he was closed when he was young, before 1978, when Basaglia’ s law made free the patients from forced segregation.
From the day of his death, Valerio’s spirit starts to torment Laura, already torn by the guilty senses, by the hate towards her brother who during his life loaded on the family with his silly face and now is died becomes threatening and obsessive in remembering to Laura all its terrible and painful indifference.
In growing of tension and oneiric vision that bring back Laura to 70’s, to live briefs of the past and hallucinatory meeting with the phantoms of the patients and with a young Valerio, the story develops the cruel fight between the ghost and Laura, or better between Laura and its senses of guilty.


Producer: Isabella Cocuzza and Arturo Paglia for Paco Cinematografica srl
Written and Directed by Livio Bordone

Artistic Cast:

Regina Orioli
Giuseppe Antignati
Valentina Gristina
Corinna Lo Castro
Gaetano Amato
Elio Germano

Technical Cast:

Director of Photography: Marco Carosi
Art Director: Ivana Gargiulo
Costume Designer: Ludovica Amati
Music by: Puccio Pucci e Andrea Sisti