Nine 1/2 moons

What for New Year’s Eve?

Good gals


December 31, only a few hours till New Year’s. Snow-capped mountains and forests as far as the eye can see under a sky that promises nothing good. Marina and Valerio, a married and altogether ordinary couple that has left their children at home, make slow and difficult headway aboard a subcompact. They’re looking for a chalet which, according to an announcement posted on the Net, will be the setting of a New Year’s night partouze… But they aren’t the only ones crawling around the hairpin turns trying to make it to the chalet: converging on that same location we find Romano and Nancy, he an elderly and corrupt politician condemned to a wheelchair, she a young a spoiled daughter of a wealthy family, as well as Domitilla and Jacopo, she a radical chic literature professor who is taking along her student age son, an inveterate conspiracy theorist. They pretend to be a couple, but only for a precise ulterior motive: robbing (or legitimately reclaiming – it depends on one’s point of view) a precious painting gracing the chalet, the work of Domitilla’s long deceased ex- husband (as well as Jacopo’s father). What’s more there are two youths working for a food catering outfit – the last links of a “precarious employment” food chain – with their van full of Champagne and lobsters that need to be delivered to that same chalet. The young city slickers lose their way and roam about the Alpine cottages and sloping pastures in search of their customer like souls awaiting Final Judgment… Meanwhile the snow continues to fall and Marina and Valerio are forced to stop and put on chains. But during the operation, something goes terribly amiss: Valerio’s wedding ring remains snagged to the wheel which brusquely turns and cleanly severs a finger. As the twosome rushes to the nearest hospital to reattach the phalanx which they recover from the snow… the three couples – now reduced to two – find Mirko and Iole waiting for them at the chalet. Except they’re not the real master and mistress of the house… but two burglars (he aggressive and violent, she submissive and ingenuous) who have taken advantage of that December 31 to break into the house in search of a wall safe. Stuck in that situation, Mirko and Iole can but make the best of it (and all considered their predicament might not even be so dire), pretending with affected nonchalance to be the legitimate house owners! Too bad that the real proprietors are still in the house, one bound and gagged in the cellar and the other in the attic…

As the hands of the clock tick inexorably towards midnight, dinner is late in coming… Nonetheless, the couples get acquainted and the atmosphere begins to warm up. Will these strangers manage to mate by midnight, giving rises to a hot and heavy orgy at the moment of fireworks and flying corks, or will the lies and deceptions of each couple spoil the gangbang, transforming the night into a sort of final showdown in which they will be forced to confess their sins but without any certainty of obtaining salvation? To find out the answer, one must wait for the new year…


Written and directed by  Filippo Bologna

Produced by Isabella Cocuzza and Arturo Paglia


Artistic Cast:

Luca Argentero & Ilenia Pastorelli

Alessandro Haber & Vittoria Puccini

Isabella Ferrari & Ludovico Succio

Valentina Lodovini &  Riccardo Scamarcio

Massimo De Lorenzo & Carlo De Ruggieri

Technical Cast:

Cinematographer: Maurizio Calvesi

Production designer: Giada Calabria

Costume designer: Catia Dottori

Editing: Chiara Vullo