Parents vs Influencer

Funeral family

Lust for life


“Everyone has to die, but only a few make money out of it” is the family motto of the Pasti, which are proudly running a funeral agency for generations. After the not-too-mourned death of the head of the family, Giuseppe, a man willing to do anything to turn a death into a pile of banknotes (preferably off the books), the family business passes to his sons Giovanni, Maria, Marco and Matteo, while the merry widow Graziella enjoys her husband’s economic legacy, taking no interest in the agency. Giovanni lives in the shadow of his father and has inherited from him the pathological greed that motivates all his life choices; Maria is an excellent business woman, enterprising and professional, if you are willing to turn a blind eye to her compulsion to fuck all the widowers she meets at work; Marco is a wizard of tanato-aesthetics (read: he puts make-up on corpses) with the dream of becoming a celebrated make-up artist, and he feels at ease only with the dead, with the living he almost can’t speak; Matteo wants to become an influencer, dislikes his brothers’ “gravedigger work” and his contribution to family business is the management of a social communication that turns bad taste into a strong, unexpected selling point. When the family agency is in dire straits (as it seems, money doesn’t remain off the books forever), it’s his politically incorrect way to advertise the business to offer the Pasti a way out: the daughter of the famous singer Gabriele Arcangelo, who died of an overdose in the middle of a drug awareness campaign, decides to address them to take care of the funeral just because positively affected by their unscrupulous advertising. That’s just what she needs: unscrupulousness.


Story by Claudio Amendola and Francesca Neri

Script by Claudio Amendola, Roberto Jannone, Kissy Dugan with the collaboration of Luigi Di Capua e Alessandro Regaldo

Directed by Claudio Amendola

An Italian-Spanich co-production Paco Cinematografica – Neo Art Producciones

in collaboration with AMAZON PRIME VIDEO 

Produced by Isabella Cocuzza e Arturo Paglia

Artistic Cast:

Massimo Ghini

Gian Marco Tognazzi

Lucia Ocone

Alessandro Sperduti

Sonia Bergamasco

Piero Pelù

Alice Benvenuti

with Giuliana Loiodice

and the participation of Massimo Dapporto, Antonello Fassari e Edoardo Leo

Technical Cast:

Cinematographer: Maurizio Calvesi

Production Designer: Ivana Gargiulo

Costume Designer: Catia Dottori

Music: Piero Pelù and Valerio Carboni