The great silence

Parents vs Influencer

Funeral family


How hard is it to be the single father of a teenager nowadays? Paolo (Fabio Volo), a professor of philosophy and a widower, has raised his daughter Simone (Ginevra Francesconi) alone. The two have a wonderful relationship. That is until the girl reaches that dreaded period known as adolescence. At that point, things take a turn for the worse: like any self-respecting teenager, Simone spends most of her time glued to her smartphone. So much so that she starts to entertain the fantasy of becoming an influencer – just like her idol, Ele-O-Nora (Giulia De Lellis). Paolo, who disdains social media, is horrified. In an attempt to mend the relationship with his daughter, Paolo decides to use social media against itself, by starting an online campaign against social media, with Simone as his social media manager. The unexpected fame this gives to him turns him, in spite of himself, into an influencer… and makes him realise that social media, if handled with care, can represent an opportunity.


Story by Fabio Bonifacci

Script by Michela Andreozzi e Fabio Bonifacci

Directed by Michela Andreozzi


an italian-spanish coproduction Paco Cinematografica  Vision Distribution e Neo Art Producciones

Produced by Isabella Cocuzza e Arturo Paglia

Artistic Cast:

Fabio Volo

Ginevra Francesconi

Giulia De Lellis

Paola Tiziana Cruciani

Paola Minaccioni

Massimiliano Vado

Michela Andreozzi

Nino Frassica


Technical Cast:

Cinematographer: Fabio Zamarion

Production Designer: Gianni Brugnoli

Costume Designer: Sabrina Beretta

Music: Pacifico