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My brother chases dinosaurs

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Jack has always wanted a little brother to play with and when Gio is born, his parents tell him that his little brother is a “special” child. From this moment onwards, Gio becomes a superhero in Jack’s mind, endowed with incredible powers, like a comic-book character. As time goes by, Jack realises that, in reality, his little brother has Down’s Syndrome and he feels it’s a secret he must keep at all costs. When Jack arrives in high school and falls for Arianna, he decides to hide his brother’s existence from the girl and from his new friends. But he can’t claim to be in love when he’s hiding such an important part of himself. The truth will soon come to light and, ultimately, Jack will allow himself to be won over by the energy and vitality of Gio, who, as a result of his unique outlook on life, will genuinely succeed in changing the world in true superhero style.


Written by Fabio Bonifacci with the collaboration of Giacomo Mazzariol

Based on the book “My brother chases dinosaurs” by Giacomo Mazzariol

Directed by Stefano Cipani

An italian-spanish co-production Paco Cinematografica – Neo Art Producciones

Produced by Isabella Cocuzza and Arturo Paglia with Antonia Nava


Artistic Cast:

Alessandro Gassmann

Isabella Ragonese

with the participation of Rossy de Palma

Francesco Gheghi

Lorenzo Sisto

Arianna Becheroni

Roberto Nocchi

Gea Dall’Orto

Mariavittoria Dallasta

Edoardo Pagliai

Saul Nanni

Gabriele Scopel

Elena Minichiello

Victoria Perga Cerone

Luca Morello

Antonio Uras

Andrea Timpanelli

Ivan Sanchez

Technical Cast:

DOP: Sergi Bartrolì

Production designer: Ivana Gargiulo

Costum designer: Gemma Mascagni

Editing: Massimo Quaglia