My brother chases dinosaurs

The Best Offer



Virgil Oldman is a solitary, cultured man whose reluctance to engage with others, especially women, is equal only to the unerring obesessiveness with which he practices his profession of antiques dealer. He’s never been close to another human being, not even Robert, his only friend – a young, skillful restorer of mechanical devices from every era. The day he turns sixty three, Virgil receives a phone call from a young woman who requests him to handle the discharge of some family works of art. When he arrives at the agreed time for an inspection, however, she doesn’t come, nor is she present during inventory activities or the transport and restoration of the pieces. More than once Virgil is tempted to bow out of what appears to be nothing but a bothersome mess but the mysterious woman, who lives immersed in her own world of obsession, always manages to convince him to continue. Thus the old antiques dealer embarks on an unpredictable experience. Robert is the one to guide him, step-by-step, in how to win the heart of a young woman who is afraid of the world, engaging Virgil in an enigmatic game of chess in which the antiques dealer soon finds himself in the middle of a passion that will change his grey existence forever.


Written and Directed by: Giuseppe Tornatore – Acadamy Award Winner for Bes Foreign Language Film (Cinema Paradiso)

Production: Isabella Cocuzza e Arturo Paglia for Paco Cinematografica

Distributor: Warner Bros (Italy, Germany, Austria)

Line Producer: Guido De Laurentiis

Artistic Cast:

Geoffrey Rush –  Academy Award for Best Best Actor (“Shine”),                      

Jim Sturgess

Sylvia Hoeks

Donald Sutherland

Technical Cast:

Costume Designer: Maurizio Millenotti, Nominee for Academy Awards (“Amleto”, “Otello”)

Director of Photography: Fabio Zamarion

Soundtrack :Ennio Morricone, Nominee for Academy Awards (“Malena”, “Bugsy”, “The Untouchebles”,”Mission”, “Days of Heaven”)

Art Director: Maurizio Sabatini

Editor: Massimo Quaglia

Set Decoretor: Raffaella Giovannetti

Head Make-up artist: Luigi Rocchetti